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eight mexican party games to play at your next fiesta

8 Mexican Party Games for Your Next Fiesta

8 Mexican Party Games for Your Next Fiesta

Looking for Mexican party games for your next fiesta? Mexico has a rich culture and in it there are many traditional games played by children and adults throughout the country. These traditional Mexican games are not only tremendously fun, but they're also educational and a great way to spend time with family and friends.

Here's our list of traditional Mexican games that we highly recommend, perfect for having a party full of fun, laughter and more!

Loteria (Mexican Bingo)

Loteria, also known as Mexican Bingo, is a fun game of chance, which has typical images that are related to the tradition of the Mexico.

How to Play Loteria

To play loteria, you'll need:

  • The 54 cards that contain special figures.
  • The cards to mark.
  • Seeds, pebbles, or something of similar size to fill the cardboard.

The game has a particular character, who is called a "screamer", who's in charge of taking the 54 figures at random and saying them out loud.

The rules for this game are similar to those of bingo. You just have to mark each figure that is named on your card.

The objective of the game is to fill the table or cardboard that the player chooses before starting a game, in which he must complete a well-known pattern, forming diagonals or four in the same row. In Mexico, the most common is whoever fills first all the cardboard

The first of the players to complete the pattern and shout "Loteria!" wins.

Avioncito (Hop Scotch)

Avioncito, also known as rayuela in other places, is a favorite for young children. It's about learning to keep your balance.

For the game avioncito, you're going to need:

  • Chalk
  • A backyard
  • A rock, token, cloth, or something small to throw.

How to Play Avioncito

Draw a small plane on the ground from squares. These are going to be numbered from 1 to 10, like the image below.


Place yourself in front of number one and throw the rock on one of the little plane's squares. It doesn't matter which one it is. (If you want to level up, you must throw it to number 1 and then to 2 and so on.) You can go making your own rules, like if it doesn't land at the first time in the desired square, the turn is lost.

Once it lands on a square, begin to jump with one foot, stepping on the squares. Don't step on the one with the pebble though! If you step on it or lower the other foot, you lose. If you make it to the end, you must return in the same way, but when you pass by the square with your rock, you must pick it up without losing your balance. If you succeed, you win! The idea is to accumulate the number of times it was achieved and see who has the highest number. 

Congelados (Freeze Tag)

Congelados is one of the most popular recreational activities that take place in schoolyards, parks and children's parties, because the number of children who can participate is numerous.

The best thing about congelados is that no items are needed and the rules are very easy, which makes it more fun for all children! However, it is better to have a wide space to run!

How to Play Congelados

The game is all about running so that no one from the other team touches you. If someone from the other team does touch you, you are not directly disqualified. You're "frozen", meaning you cannot move from the place where you got tagged. The only way to get back into the game is for one of your teammates to touch you and say "unfrozen", so you can run again. You can also save your teammates in the same way. The game is over once everyone on one team is frozen.

If you want to add an extra touch of fun, you can create a safety zone where the players can avoid being touched. To make it more dynamic, you can set a time limit, like 30 seconds, so someone doesn't stay in the safety zone the entire game.

Caricachupas (Cartoons)

One of the best party games is Caricachupas, also known as Caricaturas presenta or Cartoons. Caricachupas is one of the funniest and most famous games in the world. One of the best parts about Caricachupas is that you don't need cards, boards, or other game items. You only need your creativity, your memory, and some knowledge! 

How to Play Caricachupas

This game is often played to the following song:

Cartoons (everyone claps twice)

Introduce (everyone claps twice)

Names of (everyone claps twice)

They name the category. For example: Fruits (everyone claps twice)

Apple (everyone claps twice)

Peach (everyone claps twice)

And so on until someone repeats or makes a mistake.

  • The categories can be anything, like shoe brands, cars, fruits, sports to countries. 
  • Each player must mention a word in the chosen category.
  • The player who mentions a wrong word, repeats a word or is left without words after a few seconds is disqualified.

The best thing about this game is that you can add whatever rules you want and play it at any party!

Arranca Cebollitas (Pluck Little Onions)

Arranca Cebollitas is part of the best traditional Mexican games for older children and adults, since it tests the physical strength of all those who participate in the activity.

How to Play Arranca Cebollitas

In the game of "pluck the onions" there is the farmer, a child who offers himself or is chosen from the group, and there are the onions, which are ready to be sold.

The buyer must pluck the onions that he buys. For this he will have to try with all his might until one of the vegetables falls out of its place in the row.

The rules of the game are:

  • The onions should be attached to a tree, pillar, or something similar, so that they cannot be uprooted.
  • The way to pluck the onions is by taking the waist and pulling back, so that it is released from the tree.
  • Each plucked onion is left in a place indicated by the farmers.
  • After having plucked all the onions, they switch roles.
  • The group that does the job in less time wins.
  • Be careful with smaller girls and boys so as not to hurt them.

Telefono Descompuesto (Broken Phone)

Telefono Descompuesto is an activity that can be done sitting on a bench or around a table. It's ideal for closed spaces or rainy days when you have to stay at home to play.

How to Play Telefono Descompuesto

  • Determine how many participants will play.
  • Choose the participant who will issue the message.
  • Make a line or circle so that the message is transmitted.
  • The player chosen to deliver the message will think about it individually.
  • The player emits the message to the first of the row or circle to start the game.
  • The message is transmitted from one person's ear to another.
  • The message reaches the last participant.
  • The last player calls out the message they received.
  • The final message is compared with the initial one to see if it was broken or not.

It can be played in teams. The team that has passed the message correctly until the end will win.

Papa Caliente (Hot Potato)

Everyone has played papa caliente at least once in their lives! It's an old game, but one that is always remembered.

To play papa caliente, You will need:

  • A small bean bag, or a raw potato, or a ball or ball-shaped stuffed sock
  • Imagination

How to Play Papa Caliente

Arrange all the players in a circle. If there are only two players, ask them to sit facing each other. Pass the bean bag (or raw potato, or ball) around the circle (or back and forth) pretending it's a hot potato with smoke coming out of it. Play music while this is happening. When the music stops, the person holding the bean bag is out of the game. The last person in the circle is the winner.

The Pirinola Game

The Pirinola Game is a traditional board game that became popular in countries like Chile, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia. This game consists of the use of a pirinola, a six-sided spinning top, to place bets with objects that the players want. The top is made of plastic, paper, wood, or ceramic material in the shape of a prism. It has six faces and one of the following options is carved on each of them:

  1. Everyone Puts: Each one of the participants places a point, object, coin or whatever is going to be used to bet on the table.
  2. Put One: When turning the pirinola, the player who spins this side must bet a single object, coin or money.
  3. Put Two: The side of the pirinola that indicates to the player that they must place on the table two objects, coins or points that are being bet in the game.
  4. Take One: The player takes from the table a single object, coin, or points that are available in the round.
  5. Take Two: In this case, the player must take two coins, objects, or points from the table.
  6. Take Everything: The player who spins this takes everything that is being bet in the game.

How to Play the Pirinola Game

You can play the pirinola game with 2 or more people. All players must start with the same amount to bet. Each player must take turns to spin the pirinola clockwise. When the pirinola stops, the player who spins it must do what the face indicates.

  • Define what will be bet in the round and how many rounds will be played.
  • Each player has the same amount of bet.
  • Set the initial betting pool, where each player puts a token, coin, point or whatever was defined to bet.
  • Organize the order of each player to start.
  • The game starts when the first player rotates the pirinola with his hand on a flat surface.
  • When the pirinola stops spinning it will fall on one of the six available faces. The player who is in turn must do what the face indicates.
  • Once the player in turn obeys the face in which the pirinola was left, the turn then passes to the next player who must repeat the same process.
  • In the event that any player the pirinola remains on the "take all" face, the game must be restarted.
  • The game ends when one of the players says "take it all" or when the total number of rounds that the team defined at the beginning is completed.

Prizes for Winners

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